No IP despite activate http api in discovery

When calling I do get my Bridge, however it shows only id and dateupdated, but misses the IP adress and port number. HTTP API is actived in the app. How do I get it to also display the IP adress of the lock?

The error code is 0.
The Nuki Lock has software version 1.9.3.
The Bridge is an Android smartphone (Sony Xperia Z) with software version 1.4.6.

P.S.: I know that I can see the IP in the app, but I needs to be fetched through the API for my purpose.

The discovery is currently only available for the hardware bridges.

Okay, is there a planned release for that feature?

It also does not work for my hardware bridge

@Bruno I can’t reproduce that. Could you describe the steps you did when testing the discovery?

Not really any steps involved. The bridge is plugged into power and connected with the smartlock.

Then I just opened the website and only got the response without IP and port.


Do you already have the Bridge API activated? Else it will not be shown.

Yes. I also generated a token but none of my requests is answered.

If requests also don’t work, IP my not being correctly set. Could you PM me a screenshot of the bridge management screen?