No Auto Unlock with iOS 13 and Beta 2.2.0 (1220)

Hey Guys,

I’m using my iPhone XS with the iOS 13 Dev Beta 1 and the Auto Unlock isn’t working or sometimes it will recognize the smart-lock but won’t send the unlock order. So will there be an Nuki Beta app for iOS which will be compatible with iOS 13 Beta to test and deliver the best experience to customer when iOS 13 is shipping in September?

Or if the public beta has so much attention due to the dark mode that many customers may install it an there Smart Lock will work properly?

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Every year the same story … There is a reason why Apple warns about installing a beta version on a production phone (This year the warning is harsher than ever).

We certainly look at the iOS13 betas, but they are most of the time unstable and have lots of bugs (especially the early ones). Therefore we usually don’t make efforts to adopt to Apples bugs in this betas. However there might also be new features or changes in functionality, to which we will adopt while Apple goes on with their betas. -> Be patient, install Apples updates and cross your fingers. If there is a Nuki beta, you will get an E-Mail from TestFlight as usual.

I’m sorry if u be stressed out, but this was only an general question and the device is for testing purpose only. So I only wanted to know if u know about this “bug”

I will be patient.

I’ve been using Nuki on iOS 13 dev beta 1 without any problems, including auto-unlock.

I can’t get it to wirk after a reinstall. It hangs on the Startscreen, but I can’t push anything there

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The Nuki App does work on iOS13 when the App is already installed before you update the OS. You will get stuck on some screens but can basically use it.

A fresh install on an iOS13 device does not work because of several changes that Apple made to the rights management system (BLE access, Location access).

We - like Apple - highly recommend to NOT install the iOS13 beta on a production device for the time beeing. Once we have an update to the Nuki App which restores iOS13 compatibility we will make it available in our beta channel.

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Jürgen, thanks for your reply. I hope, a new beta with iOS 13 support comes fast. The public beta of iOS 13 (for everyone) ist out a few days, so everyone can hop on the beta train. Would be great to have one of the most important apps (every other of my apps in SmartHome sector works without issues) would work…


Any News on that topic? iOS 13 will be released officially in 3 days and I will receive my new iPhone 11 Pro this Friday. Will I be able to unlock my door after next Thursday? At the moment I’m using my iPhone Xs with iOS 13.1 beta 3 and Nuki beta 2.4.0 (1322), but auto unlock still does not work.

There is a newer build 1332 available, which has also been submitted to Apple for approval last week.

But there are no known issues with Auto Unlock under iOS13 as long as you have location access set to Always in iOS Settings > Nuki.

If you still have issues, we need to follow up via PM.

Hi I have the iPhone 8 with iOS 13. The Auto Unlock always work just for 2 days. Then I see in the log data the no geotags are recognized. Is there a workaround? Or when this get fixed?

This is not a bug on Nuki side. Most likely you do not choose the right option that gives the Nuki App permanent location access in the background, when iOS asks for it (System Pop-up). Please contact customer support ( for more details and help.

Since the last update 2.5.3,

my auto unlock is ‘t working either for the SL 2,

The auto unlock for the opener is working fine so it isnt an permission isseu on my side

We had an Auto Unlock issue in the last beta version for 2.5.3 - here you can find more details.