No App Respond with iOS 13 Beta 2

Hi Folks.
Sorry when this is posted in the wrong board.

I have an Iphone Xs and using the latest iOS 13 Public Beta 2. The Nuki App (Latest Build) is not responding to any touch input.
I deleted the App and re-downloaded it from the store: no effort
I installed the App on my Ipad 2018 with iOS 13 Public Beta 2: The same behaviour

I restartet booth devices: No effort.
So my conclusion is, that the App is NOT supported under iOS 13 atm.

Correct, iOS is not yet supported, see also: No Auto Unlock with iOS 13 and Beta 2.2.0 (1220)

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Thank you. I didn’t find the post.

When there will be an app update to work with iOS 13?

Same problem, also with ios13 beta 4.
When can we expect a update?