No access to opener on Nuki Web

I’m trying to add a widget on my galaxy watch 4 via IFTTT to control the door, since the Nuki app on WearOS is bad and it can’t use the LTE of my Watch. I can control my smart lock like that, but sadly not the opener.

I have connected my opener to the bridge and it works via phone app, but when I try to control the opener via Nuki Web (or IFTTT) the status is shown as ‘no access’. What am I doing wrong?

I fixed it by deleting the opener and reconnect it in Nuki Web. Now I can finally use my opener with the watch on LTE. Something nuki itself isnt able to do since I purchased the watch in September.
IFTTT saved the day.

The Nuki/IFTTT integration is done (and paid for!) by Nuki to enable use cases which may not be covered with other functionality. :slight_smile:

Yeah but it doesn’t make sense to me to not being able to control the opener in the Nuki app for wearOS when the phone is absent.
I can open my smart lock like that, but how am I supposed to get near my smart lock in the first place?
IFTTT can send the command via the watches LTE and the Nuki app can’t, it needs the phone. That’s just ridiculously bad design by Nuki.
Another workaround is to use nuki Web via browser on my watch.
Nuki should just delete the WearOS app, its just pure garbage. It takes 15 seconds to see the status of the lock and you can’t open your door until the status is loaded. It’s always faster to take out the phone.

It does not solve all problems, but at least for this here are some changes/improvements in the latest Android beta:

Does anyone know how to use ifttt in order to open the door with the smartwatch w/o the phone being connected?
Use case: phone battery dead and I need to use the watch as a backup to enter the house.