Niki opener..russian intercoms..please help

Hi guys
I’m in Armenia . I have a russian made stroy master damafon intercom installed recently… I think it’s analog…has a mute button. Electromagnetic lock…attaching diagram…will it work with my opener ? Please help :)! 1575209552658_IMG_20191201_180736|375x500

It seems to be analogous, but I can’t find any more information about these systems. If you are familiar with a multimeter, you could try to find out at which pin of the intercom the voltage rise occurs when the doorbell is pressed. Are there any screw terminals inside or do you have to solder anyway?

Are L+ and L- the only wires connected to the intercom? This could indicate a bus-based system. You could try to connect it described here: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems Perhaps you can try to obtain further information from your supplier, such as a wiring diagram of the system, which would help us to make a more accurate statement.

I’ll check and send info when I get back.


Hi so there are two thin wires coming to the intercom. One is brown one is white. They then connect to a red and black inside the intercom.
which is l + and l - so yes ! Picturee attached

wires are labelled L+ and L- and mic + - and sp ± . Does this mean I need solder ? Are these wires live ? I am not sure where the power is drawn from I can’t disconnect the whole building. :frowning: In addition , to avoid soldering I was thinking to cut the cables and add clip connectors to make changing easier…right ? This would still work ?

Did you have chance to read it ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the late reply. We are quite sure, it is a similar model to this one:
A possible way to connect it to the Opener:

But I don’t think this can be done without soldering
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OK, so does that mean it is a bus system?

The colours are not exactly the same , but I guess that doesn’t matter?

It’s interesting that the door doesn’t open unless you remove the phone recieved from the hook. E.g. the button alone doesn’t open door.

I wonder if I should contact the supplier, maybe they will help me fit it, I just worry they will not be happy with modifications…in your experience do most suppliers help?


No, it is based on analog technology. If pressing the button alone does not work, this could be a problem and this intercom will not work with the opener, sorry.