Night mode SmartLock 2.0

A question from a beginner!
I have set the “night mode” as follows: unlock the door at 11 am and lock the door at 10 pm.
What happens at 11 am if, for example, I leave the flat at 9 o’clock and lock the flat?
Does SmartLock then open my flat at 11 a.m. even though no one is in the flat?

Night mode never unlocks the door. There are several threads in the forum about night mode and how it works… e.g. Night mode option to unlock if night mode is finished. Please use the search function.

That was not particularly helpful!
This discussion is from the beginning of 2020. In the meantime, there have been some changes, probably also in the night mode. In my case, the night mode works the way I want it to.
At the beginning of the night mode the door locks and at the end of the night mode the door unlocks (NOT OPEN the door!).
My question was: What happens if I unlock the door before the end of night mode and leave the house?
Does SmartLock lock the door again and then unlock it again at the end of night mode?

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Big problem with night mode!
I was afraid of it!
I opened the flat door and left the flat BEFORE the night mode ended.
I then locked the door again. When I came back after the night mode had ended, the door was unlocked! Fortunately it was not open!

It is absolutely necessary that the night mode is immediately suspended as soon as the door is manipulated manually or via the app.
Or am I making a mistake?

As i told you before night mode never unlocks the door.
Maybe you have a timer set for unlocking the door at a certain time.

Anyways, this forum is a developer forum and focused on developer related issues. Please contact the Nuki customer care for further help with your problem.

Night mode doesn’t do this, sounds more like auto unlock or timer unlock!? Look in the log, what exactly unlocked it!

Thx! You are right! I set a timer to open at the end of the night mode. Your answer was helpfull!