Night mode for nuki opener

Nuki Opener

Add night mode nor Nuki Opener

Possibility to turn on/off night mode in setting s on Nuki Opener as well as possibility to set start and time of night mode.

I am renting two different rooms of my apartment (guest rooms) via AirBnB and booking.

It would be useful to turn on ring suppression automatically during the night so one guest who is coming home late won’t wake up others who is sleeping next door to them. For the moment I am forced to schedule ring to open from 22:00 till 06:00 as well as turn on ring suppression for ring to open mode. By the way, because it’s only possible to add no more than 10 entries in schedule, so I need to add “activate continuos mode at 06:00 and “desactivate continuos mode” at 22:00. And then I add every hour from 22:00 till 05:00 and entries “activate ring to open”.

Would be cool as a feature, but if you have another Home automation Setup running (like Home Assistant) you can use Automations to enable/disable the bel suppression via the Nuki API. Doing the same.

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