NFC keypad

Product name



NFC reader inside Keypad


Unlock Nuki with NFC tag, card or implant


Faster and easier way to unlock


I have NFC and RFID implant In my hand, imagine how fast and easy I can unlock, even if my hands are holding something and I can’t use my fingers to enter passcode on keypad or unlock my phone.

Agreed, I would love to see this sort of addition.

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We also would love to integrate our already existing NFC employee cards which are already used for follow-me printing and terminal authentication!


I would like to see NFC reader integrated into the keypad, that allows for scanning of 3rd party NFC tags, like Mifare Classic 13,56MHz or other cheap/readily available tags.

These are some of the authentication options I am looking for (ranked by priority):

  • 2-factor authentication (NFC tag and PIN code)
  • One-time PIN code only (for “emergency” access)
  • Provide T9-style lettering on the keypad, to help user create memorable long PIN codes
  • Single factor permanent PIN code (already exist, duh)
  • Single factor NFC tag

In order to save battery power, maybe the NFC reader should first be activated by a key press (e.g. PIN first, then NFC tag). In case of single factor NFC tag, any key to wake the NFC reader.

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Actually they don’t need to spend extra money for additional wake-up button.

They can use interrupt for wake up call without any physical touching.

While you are technically correct, I think more battery power would be saved, by not having the NFC circuitry active polling all the time. Remember, every time the scanner would try to read a tag, it needs to send a power burst out first to power on the tag.
Regardless of how much power that actually uses, it will always cost more power to always be scanning for a nearby tag, rather than have some user interaction wake up the NFC circuit, by first pressing a button, and then scan for a limited time before going back to sleep.
It needs not be a separate button for wake-up. Any existing button could trigger that.

I understand different people have different needs, so it could be a configurable parameter (always polling vs. button activated)

Power Usage
In most cases, NFC consumes less power than Bluetooth devices. It operates on a low-power radio transmitter/receiver and doesn’t affect the battery of the device much. As such, NFC can be kept ‘ON’ all the time without draining the battery too much.