New Keypad on the horizon?

Frankly speaking: The current KeyPad is not an outstanding product, not only from my point of view, also a lot of negative feedback can be found on the net…

For sure, the major design flaw is the missing backlit!

But also the missing 0 and the form factor in general (yes, it’s small to fit easily beside the door, but just inconvenient to use).

Are there any plans to introduce a new one in the near future?

Maybe an additional one, not a replacement for the existing.

Why not to offer a full size KeyPad?

Featuring backlit, and a usual Keyboard layout.

With a bigger size, different Batteries (eg standard AAA or AA) would be possible to mitigate the additional power requirements for the backlit.

Just my two cents…

In short: No, nothing planned on short term atm.

But thanks for your feedback, we will take into account for possible future product variants

Stephan, thanks for the feedback!

Any improvement on the horizon?