New Homekit architecture (may have) caused Nuki devices to stop working even manual control

I know it doesn’t make sense, but in the morning after I upgraded Homekit to the new architecture, I locked myself out of my home because the Nuki keypad was not unlocking the door, neither Nuki app neither Homekit.

In Nuki app it was saying “offline”, not even Bluetooth connection was working.

Fix: remove batteries from Nuki lock and add it back

I’m sharing as a heads up for a possible issue

I think it is not mandatory but this solves many issues I encountered:
Reboot all HomeKit connected devices/hubs,… by doing a power cycle: plug outlet and waiting at least 5 sec before plug outlet into.
I do this with all my devices, including Nuki Smart Lock, HomePod mini and Apple TVs.
No more issues about “No response” or non operating devices.
Note that the only product I don’t have issue was the IKEA Tradfri Hub, it was available right after migration.

Indeed but the main problem I’m reporting is that things went wrong out of the Homekit platform, communication between lock and keypad and Nuki app.
But again, it’s more like I’m just sharing what happened, in my mind Homekit would be able to damage Nuki itself

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Was the Smart Lock reachable via remote access (WiFi)?

Before yes, after the upgrade, no.