New chipset for Nuki bridge

What is the difference in functionality and performance between the old and the new Nuki bridge? Is the new bridge offering benefits together with the new Smarlock tha the old bridge does not offer?

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At the moment where is no difference in how the Bridge works together with the Smart Lock. Having the same (Bluetooth) chipset in both devices will hopefully help us to further optimise stability and maybe even range in the future though. If the Nuki Bridge is working fine for you there is no reason for a replacement (that’s why we are talking about a hardware revision and not a new version). If you got problems with distance (or the like) the new revision won’t solve your problem (yet). Both versions will receive firmware-updates in the future and if someday there will be some advantages we can (only) achieve with the new hardware revision we will communicate that.

In short: For users both versions should behave the same way (if you don’t need an HTTP API now and don’t care what we may - or may not - achieve regarding possible improvements over the long term).

Thank you for asking this question here, @Franzian - I was wondering about this as well.
Thank you for the detailed answer @MatthiasK - good to know!

I want to integrate my new (just ordered) Nuki 2.0 combo set to my Lupusec alarm system. At the home page from Lupusec, I found a remark, that only the bridge 2.0 is supported. How can I recognize if the bridge I will receive, is this 2.0 Version (is there a revision or version information on the box)?

But it doesn’t really make sense to me: There can be no integration only working with a new bridge hardware revision. :thinking:
It would only make sense if they stated “Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 with a Bridge”

hm, I don’t know, I attached the link, maybe you can get in contact with Lupusec to correct this notes…

Thanks for clarification!

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ok, finally I installed everything with latest Beta Versions (Lock - 2.4.5 / Bridge 2.1.37 / XT1 plus - and the communication between Nuki (Bridge) and Lupusec XT1 plus is working


The status of the Nuki is not updated on the Lupusec dashboard…

any hints?


I don’t know about how setup and integration exactly work at Lupusec.

Assuming that Lupusec is using the Bridge API, a callback would have to be set on the bridge to update the status automatically.
So maybe check this first, if everything else seems to work:

ah, ok, I was not sure, if Nuki Devs are involved in the integration of the SmartLock in Lupusec.
I will focus on the Lupus team for error reporting…