Neostar BMV 7604

I ordered a nuki smart lock for my flat, a bridge and an opener for the Main Door.
I got a Neostar BMV 7604 to open the Door, speak with the Person in front and See it.
The neostar is only connected with 6 wires. 2 of them should be Power and 4 others have the Label vd, ad, pwr and gnd (so i guess Video, Audio, Power and Ground). I can only open the Door after someone rings.

Has anyone an idea how to Start trying to add the opener to my Door?
(and is this forum English or can / should i write in german?)
Thanks a lot in advance

If it helps. I also got access to the Module near the Door. Its a Jade Module.

I could try Things there too.
Im in the house together with one other Party, so there are 2 bells and 2 intercoms on the one Door Module

It seems that the 4 wires in the First picture are connected to the bottom right 4 wires on the second picture.
The bottom wire is something like 5V DC.
The 2nd from bottom let it Ring if shortcutted to either the bottom or the 4th from botton.
The 3rd from bottom lets me open the Door as soon as someone ringed when shortcutted to the bottom one - this works as ‘other Door’.
The 4th from botton could be ground? I dont know how to identify it further.
The top two wires are 15V AC.
Between the bottom one and the 3 above i messure 5V.

So… A ‘few hours’ testing later:
It seems its more complicated then i hoped / thought. The botton AND 3rd from botton wires are both needed to let it Ring… There is something like 2V Between them which jumps to 15V when someone rings… Then it constantly decends until the unit ist shutting back to standby Mode.
To avoid this i tried to use the two wires directly at the ringing Button (15V AC here) but as soon as i connect the opener purple and yellow to the ringing Button the unit starts ringing and wont stop… So there is somehow a shortcut inside the opener which let my unit think someone ringed…
Any Suggestions?