Need help to detect the ring signal


I’m using an Opener with an unsupported Bitron Video MV3000.

I’ve successfully setup the opener to open the door when I press the opener button and the app.

Now I’m trying to detect the ring by connecting the opener before the speaker.

My speaker is connected to the PCB by 2 wire a blue and a white.

I’ve tried this with both the blue wire and the white one:

  • Unplug the (blue/white) wire, replace it with the yellow wire, and close the circuit back to the speaker with the green wire.
  • So PCB => Yellow Nuki Opener, Green Nuki Opener => Speaker

With this setup the intercom rings when someone rings on the door, the handphone is working speaker is working but the Nuki Opener won’t detect the ring signal. What am I missing here ?

If I do this with the blue speaker cable, It does nothing it won’t detect the ring.

If I do this with the white speaker cable, a ring is detected when I put the handphone back on the Intercom.

I’m close to success here, just need to figure out why the ring is not detected.

Can someone help?

Thank you so much,

I’ve tested the speaker wire and the multimeter reads 2 DC Volts when the speaker rings would that work with the Nuki Opener ?