Need HELP Nuki Opener with CONTERA STARBELL 1000

Hi all! been using NUKI for some time now but… found a problem installing another opener on an old system.
The Intercom itself it’s not that old… but can’t find much information. It has been changed for a “new” one but the building is old… Here’s what I have:
It’s a Contera Starbell 1000:

(the side button on the handler is to active Microphone… people outside only hear me when I press that button)
The button that opens the door is that dark rectangle on the “base”.
Here’s the blueprint (with translation):

And here’s a picture like how’s it’s connected:

So… How do I connect the NUKI Opener here? I basically need “Ring-to-open” to work… HELP!
Thanks in advance to all community

I have same product and i have problem to install it.

This connection works?

Hi Joao Cabrita, was you able to install Nuki Opener with the Starbell Contera intercomunicador? I’m planning to buy the opener and I was wondering if the opener is compatible after all. Thanks in advance.

Hey people! Figure it OUT! So, you need to choose:
Model: Analog
So, this is how I found it:

And this is how you should connect it:

So, long story short:
Remove the cable that’s connected to “5” and plug it one the connector that comes with the OPENER.
The cables from the Opener:
Yellow: connector that comes with the Opener (where you previously connected the cable from the existing doorbell)
Green: “5” (where you had the white cable connected)
Black: “4”
Purple: “4”
Blue: “B”
Red: “3”

And that’s it. Actually I kind of followed the wiring diagram that’s on the 5th page on this NUKI document:

Hope it helps guys! :wink:

João Cabrita