My NUKI opened the door for its own

I’m scared.
Last night Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 opened the door without any input request.
The only difference from other days was that batteries were little low (Lithium 48%) and since yesterday motor began to move slower.
The log registered that my phone user opened the door but I didn’t.
Also my app is blocked with biometric security if someone wants to start it.
I’m very concerned because y cannot trust Nuki anymore.

Any idea?
Can Nuki open the door if battery begins to drop?


When there is a log entry which came from a user, then there also was a command coming from that user. i.e. the problem might be the Smart Phone (App).

Please contact the Nuki support through the Menu > Help > Contact Customer Care function in the App. They will need the logs generated during this process in order to help you.

Do you have Auto Unlock enabled? If you do, your phone might have mis-read its location at some point (putting it outside of your geofence) and once it corrected (putting it back into the geo-fence), tried to Auto-Unlock your door. (This is the reason I’ve limited Auto-Unlock to daytime only, as this often happens for me.)