My NUKI 3.0 Pro is dead after 3 days, why?


I’m using NUKI at the office (working several times by days 6/7 days) on NUKI 2.0 and NUKI 3.0 Pro.

I bought one for my house as the door was changed. This is a high quality door with multiple lock on the frame. Nuki is compatible, and was working perfectly until this afternoon, dead after 3 days.

Code is B4, motor blocked 0x07 → need to return it.

Just used the app, no manual action and the thing is now consider as dead.

I think it’s due to my new door as the key during the turn is a bit hard. Can it be the reason ?
An adult can turn the key with normal effort and Nuki wasn’t complaining during these 3 days.

Do people have hard locking door without Nuki issues ?

How did it end for you? I hit the same issue after 3 months.