Multiple SmartLocks, multiple HomePods with Apple HomeKit

I’d like to understand how this scenario works. I have a house with 3 Nuki smartlocks about 15 meters apart, so according to the documentation the Bluetooth connection may not work with all 3 of them trying to connect to one HomePod due to the distance. So my question is, how do the Nuki smartlocks deal with the possibility of having multiple HomePods within Bluetooth range?

As an example, if I place 2 HomePods in different rooms of the house so that each smartlock has at least one HomePod within the 5 meter safe Bluetooth range, will this setup work smoothly? Is there any chance that some of the smartlocks will get “confused” as to which HomePod to connect with, if they have more than one in range?


This is not handled by Nuki but by Apples HomePod / HomeKit. How that is exactly done knows only Apple themselves. If you want more information about it, you have to ask them.

If you use Nuki Bridges for remote access & administration you can decide to which Smart Lock you pair which Bridge and that pairing remains in place even when adding another Bridge/Smart Lock.

Thank you for your answer.

If the smartlocks are set up with Apple HomePods (which, according to the HomePod specifications, have a longer Bluetooth range than the Bridge) then does it even make sense to have Bridges? Given the distance between the locks in my house, I would need 3 Bridges, one to connect to each lock. And as far as I know, HomeKit doesn’t even communicate with the Bridge, only with the smartlocks, correct?

Thank you.


Depends on your use case. Many of the features which the Nuki ecosystem offers can not be used when you fully rely on HomeKit for remote access. On the other hand HomeKit can replace some of this features and add even more - especially the combination with other HomeKit products.