Multiple locking rotation


Guys, is Nuki able to turn the locks more than 2 times (720°)?
I’m planning to move to a new place where door needs to be locked 4 times to actually be fully locked (1440°).

Will Nuki work there, or it’s not supported (so it’s pointless now to bring with me)?


Yes, should work but there is a limit somewhere between 4-5 turns. So yours might be out of bounce or not. You’ve to try it.

Cool! Thanks a lot!

in fact it would be cool to set up the own start and stop dependently to one’s own setup. Especially for the opening, since in our case, it goes to far.

Locking or opening too much costs unnecessary battery power.


Hi, I need my lock to turn 3 times. In the app I can only choose between once (360) or twice (720). How do I make it do an additional turn.

The “720” setting does a full lock which will turn as far as required, in your case 3x360.

Did you actually get it to work with 1440º?

So, does it do 4 full turns?