MQTT working, but not accepting commands

I have just received the Nuki Pro 4.0, everything seems to work fine, connecting it to MQTT and having HomeAssistant detect everything worked like a charm.

However, when I try to change the settings in HomeAssistant, a message is posted (lockAction), but the lock does not do anything. The setting to allow triggers from mqtt is activated in the app.

Any thoughts how I can debug this? At least from the MQTT side everything seems to be working…

There seems to be a glitch in the current release. Apparently the Smart Lock does not accept lockActions directly after the MQTT API was set up, but after the first reconnect (or reboot). Could you please try to take out the batteries, wait some seconds, reinsert them, wait for the MQTT reconnect (~30s) and report back if that fixed your problem?

Yep, that solved it for me, today in the morning I rebooted the Nuki, it worked right away, and still is right now.

Maybe a hint, in case you hadn’t tried: when you couple the Lock to mqtt, the lockAction topic does not exist, maybe the lock gets in a wrong status listening to a non-existing topic? Maybe if the lock would initialize with an invalid lockAction that it can read to confirm everything is working?

Semi-Offtopic: I have also a few topics which where not updated any longer, even not after power-cycle the SL4P:

This is fixed in yesterdays 4.0.31 release.