MQTT not working on Nuki 3.0 Pro

I am running a MQTT broker on my Synology NAS, I have a few clients that connect fine, but whatever I try with my Nuki 3.0 Pro, I always get the error ‘The action could not be executed. Please try again’ with error code 8E whenever I try to activate the MQTT from within the Nuki app.
Any idea how to solve this?? Every time I try to activate it, I do see the messages inside MQTT explorer even though I can’t save the activation in the app, and the values I get are correct, so why is this error preventing to save the configuration?

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Same problem since Firmware 3.9.5 (public). MQTT is completly broken now. Some times im able to connect to the broker (like 1 in 10 tries), but the connection brakes after a few minutes and doesnt come back. Resetted everything. Perfect wifi connection. Nothing works. Before the firmware uodate, mqtt worked perfect. How in world can a buggy firmware like this be a official public version.