MQTT API Specification 1.4 - some questions on possible values

Thank you for reading this small topic.
I only have some small questions regarding the MQTT API, and thank you for your kind response.

They all relate to values sent back from lockActionEvent.
What is code:

  • 0,2,0,0,1
  • 0,2,0,0,2

In the API document, there is no description for the first number to be a 0.
The API documents does not document value 0, it starts from 1. What is 0?

Then I’ve also gotten codes back, like:

  • 1,0,623837184,0,0
  • 2,0,623837184,0,0
  • 3,0,623837184,0,0
    What is 623837184 in the “Auth-ID: Auth-ID of the user” field?
    When/why would that occur?

Thank you so much for your kind assistance, as these are the two last things I cannot decipher in the API :slight_smile:



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