Mountingplates as printable Files?

Good Morning,

I am just curious if it is possible to provide the community with STL-, 3MF-Files for the Nuki mounting plates? Would be a great spare part experience.


3D printed mounting plates are a bit tricky because they need a lot of stiffness. Have you tried searching "nuki" 3D Models to Print - yeggi for what you need or is it really the plate itself that you need?

Of course it is tricky, but someone who really wants to print it, had normally at least PETG in it’s portfolio. :wink:
Trial and Error is everyones day to day business for 3D print enthusiasts.

is it really the plate itself that you need?


In theory yes, in practice unfortunately Nuki has to pay the price for it. Because people will come and ask for a warranty replacement if a Smart Lock falls down and breaks from a self printed 3D plate …

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Okay, I got it. I have found a mounting plate file:

Maybe helpful for some tinkerer.