Mounting plate B - Is a little detached

Considering the photo above, do I need to worry about the adhesive tape, or is ok? As you can see because of the steel shield the adhesive on top is not a lot.

Oh no, that looks not good! I think with time it will get more and more loose, - you should exchange the adhesive pad!

Can I use any other adhesive pads? The one on the Nuki shop is 2-3 Euro but shipping is like 10 Euro!

Also the edge of my cylinder is 3 milimeters, I wish it was a littler more then I could use plate A :frowning:

For the pad, write this to nuki support over the help section in the nuki app, I am sure they send you a new one for no cost (I had a similar issue with the pad of the opener, and they sent me a new one immediately without any costs!)! For the plate, when it doesn’t really work with the pad, you can modify the plate (when you know how) and screw it on the door, if this is a option at all for the door, because the screws into door!?

It’s a PVC door, not an option to screw it.

Thanks for mentioning it, I’ll contact them.


Thanks to you guys, Nuki support sent me a new plate with adhesive. Let’s see how it works this one.

What I understood this time trying to install the new plate, I found that the edge of my luck is 3 millimeters and I should be able to install the mounting plate A, but it’s not possible because the dent for the cylinder is shorter than mine.

I think the cylinder should be a euro cylinder and this plate from the shop should work for it.

Wish there were some specs and dimensions of the cylinder dent to be sure.

I have this one laying around, when its the one you mean, I can measure the dimensions for you!?

Wow, this is great Rose, could you please do this favor for me?

I uploaded a photo with ABC line markers on the lock dent to make things easier, can you do the measurement, please?

Ok will do it! I am not at home right now, but in the next 3 hours, I should be able to send it to you! Until then!

A = 18mm
B = 32mm
C = 10mm

Thanks Rose,

I’ll check my cylinders if that’s a match :slight_smile: