Motor powered in standby - reason for fast dischanging of batteries?

I expected a strange behavior with a new Nuki (latest SW). It seemed that the motor was still powered (hard to turn by hand) when it should be standby. It seemed that it also got confused with the locked/unlocked status. After some playing around it was ok again.
I also recognized that for a other Nuki before, but I didn’t put attention to that.
This time I made a video.
If the motor really keeps to be powered some times, then this could be a reason that the batteries get empty quite fast.

Did anyone else experience a similar behavior?

This was not the motor but the clutch which remained active. It does not consume energy, but should also not happen - even with weak batteries the clutch should always be released. Did it happen afterwards again or was this a one time case?

Since this is in an apartment which is rented out and I do not enter the apartment very often.
…so I don’t know.
But as I said, I have also seen that on another Lock before and yesterday on the one which broke down (other post)

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