Motor blocked when opening the door

for a few weeks I got a problem when opening the door with Nuki.

The motor is blocked when I open the door. It seems that Nuki pulls the latch but tries to do so too far and then the motor is blocked because it’s not possible to pull the latch that far.

I already tried to calibrate the smartlock but it didn’t help.

Any ideas?

Calibration should solve the issue. Try to calibrate again with closed door.

So far it works after calibrating it with a closed door.

But why I didn’t work with a open door? It worked for years. :wink:

Nuki pulls the latch until a certain resistance is met and compairs the position with the remembered endpoint from the calibration afterwards. If the expected endpoint is not reached, the motor must have been blocked on the way. Causes are usually slight changes in your door frame (weather, temperature, …) or wear of the cylinder/bolt.

I have the same issue today, after calibration of smart lock and door sensor and change of battery it still didn’t work, I have called customer support and they found out the motor blocked (0x01) error, I’m waiting for the answer and really curious of the solution.
P. S the temperature today is about 30 °C

(2.3.1 iOS ) : I have the same problem… But only with the new firmware … before never …

Same here. Calibration did not help.