Motor blocked when opening the door

for a few weeks I got a problem when opening the door with Nuki.

The motor is blocked when I open the door. It seems that Nuki pulls the latch but tries to do so too far and then the motor is blocked because it’s not possible to pull the latch that far.

I already tried to calibrate the smartlock but it didn’t help.

Any ideas?

Calibration should solve the issue. Try to calibrate again with closed door.

So far it works after calibrating it with a closed door.

But why I didn’t work with a open door? It worked for years. :wink:

Nuki pulls the latch until a certain resistance is met and compairs the position with the remembered endpoint from the calibration afterwards. If the expected endpoint is not reached, the motor must have been blocked on the way. Causes are usually slight changes in your door frame (weather, temperature, …) or wear of the cylinder/bolt.

(2.3.1 iOS ) : I have the same problem… But only with the new firmware … before never …

Same here. Calibration did not help.

Exact same issue here, with a brand new lock installed last Saturday (September 28th). This evening I tried to calibrate with closed door. I’ll report back in the next days.


Try Firmware 2.6. it resolved the issue completely for me. Working like a charm ever since.

I’d prefer not using betas in a security related system.
@Juergen is there an ETA?

Thank you in advance.

Just to report I calibrated the lock (latest production, non beta firmware) two days ago with closed door and today it’s out of calibration again: it tries to unlatch the lock too far and lock’n’go acts weirdly until a new calibration.


Soon, but can’t give you a final date yet.
2.6.x will most likely resolve the issue you described.

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I’ve got the same issue
What if you’re having a Nuki 1 and the firmware is with 1.7.3 up to date?

Hi @Juergen, any news?
Once a few days I have to recalibrate my Smart Lock 2.0 and it’s getting frustrating.

Thank you in advance.

Very soon. 2.6.3 is supposed to be the release version.

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Just updated to 2.6.3 and recalibrated with the door closed.
After few minutes my partner came back home, opened the unlocked door and… motor blocked. Nothing changed and unluckily few days ago the Amazon return period expired, so I have a lock which must be recalibrated continuously in order to be usable. What a disappointment.

It’s been days that with the unlocked door, I never manage to open the door at the first try, I always get the “blocked motor” but I manage to open the door on the second or third try. This mean I can’t remotely open the door through HomeKit (the main reason I bought the lock for), since it never manages to open the door from full locked. The update didn’t change anything. Today, after updating and trying and trying (with no success) I got the prompt for critical batteries (after one month of use). Tomorrow I will try with Eneloop Pro batteries.


Have this problem after updated to firmware 2.6.6. Nothing wrong with the door itself.

@Juergen Sorry, I’m a little late… just reporting that, after installing Eneloop Pro batteries, all problems were solved. OEM Duracell batteries were really unreliable. I’ll try Ikea LADDA 2450 which seem to be rebranded Eneloop Pro.


Does the eneloop batteries solved your problem? I’ve installed new batteries and in the next day my motor tried to jammed (same symptoms- slow start like at dying batteries) but somehow it managed to locked without errors (I have 1 level lock settings) did Eneloop batteries works for you?