Motor block Ox01

I would be interested on updates, too. The same errors are happening to me with a SL3 Pro and NUKI Power Packs.
What I can confirm: the blocking only happens when the SL tries to open the door latch. Closing the door or opening the closed door NEVER produced any issues - it is just opening the latch that does not work time by time. Therefore I assume that there is no problem regarding the door mechanics - closing/opening the door implies that three bolts need to be moved, whilst opening the latch just implies a move of the latch.
So this is rather annoying…

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I would be interested in an update as well and I’m experiencing the same issues, locking and unlocking the door never gives a problem, but just opening the door is always the issue as it gives the 0x01-error on the latch-part.

It’s like Nuki isn’t even trying to open the latch, the unlocking part goes fine and then it ‘stops’ or so without even trying to open the latch resulting in an error.

I had the same problem, only with unlatching. So it started on it’s “own” in winter time. So, try to adjust your latch bolts and move the plate 1mm back. If you try to open the latch with a key, it should open almost without any force. Adjusted, works well now:

I have exactly the same problem and have also decided to adjust the latch one step. Unfortunately, with our 4-year-old front door, it is enough that the door seal is sufficiently less tight so that outside air can more easily get into the interior. A rather stupid situation, especially in winter.
So now I have the choice between “Door is set correctly and is tight, but Nuki doesn’t pull the latch” and “Door is not set correctly and is slightly leaking but latch is pulled.”

There don’t seem to be any latches on the market where finer adjustment is possible.

I would be grateful for suggestions.

yes, there is a play in this case, you are right. And if i manage to make the play go away, then the Motor Blocked will come again sometimes. So, i guess Nuki lacks the extra power, since I’ve charged the PowerPack to 100% and still same thing.

Update from my side: unmounted the SL to see what is happening, and as Funky suggested it was very hard to turn the door key by hand. Added some lubricant to the door latch to let it slide easier, that already gave some relief - to not loose the tight fitting of the door I then decided to pull on the door knob when unlatching.

For now no further motor blocks occurred, so my first assumption was wrong, it is obviously the harder part to pull the latch compared to closing/opening the door bolts.