Montaggio nuki opener

buonasera, vorrei cortesemente sapere se posso usare opener per aprire il portone condominiale dal cellulare. come devo fare i collegamenti nel mio citofono urmet? grazie ancora.

Hi! Do you have a external bell?

Good morning. the appliance inside the house does not have an external bell. My aim is to open the main door of the building with my cell phone.

Ok, so you don’t need the bell functions!?

Now when they ring under the main door, you hear a sound, maybe it has a built-in bell. I need a notification on my cell phone when someone rings at the front door and I can open it even if I’m not at home

For this you need a bell signal, for that the opener can recognise it!? Can you make a Foto of the device, what makes the sound when someone rings the bell?

hello, I think the ringtone comes from the handset

I think you have an Urmet 1172. the compatibility check says it is compatible.
did you try to install it based on the nuki Installation guide?

as you only have 2 wires coming it, it is clear this is a bus system.

do you have the opener ordered? if not order one and try to install it. if it does not work you can always send it back in 14 days (EU law).

could i have the wiring diagram of the opener? could I have the diagram of the connections to my intercom? thank you

follow the instructions in the app.

Thanks for the reply. I can’t find the instructions on the android app. I would like to know where to connect the wires in the intercom of which I sent photos in the box of the opener

Do you have the Nuki opener? just connect to it and start the configuration and it will give you step by step instructions.

I have not yet purchased the opener and before buying it I would like to understand how the connections between the intercom and the opener are made

in fact my intercom is a bit old and I think it is not an original urmet 1172 but it has been modified. that’s why I sent the photo of the open intercom. the wires of the opener where should I connect them?

In bus systems normally, one wire out of the intercom in a two port clamp (what comes with the opener), then red and yellow opener wire also in the clamp, and Black and green opener wire in the block of the intercom, where taken out the wire before, thats the standard wiring of the opener with digital bus system.

Thanks, it’s very kind of you. can i have a schematic? a drawing of the connections?

Dear Rose, I have discovered that in the intercom there is an additional 12volt direct current output for an additional bell or an additional lock. it can be useful? how should i connect the opener?

Hi! Not really, because to use this current, you would need a analogue setup, but yours is digital bus! - You would can use it, but would loose the opening function! So no, when wanting both, opening and ring functions, then you have to stay on the digital setup!