Monitoring the remaining battery charge

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro


Monitoring the remaining battery charge


I propose some simple solutions:

  1. Let the user choose the percentage value of the remaining charge to send the alert email.
  2. Leave the default 20% but allow the user to send another email for a value that is useful to them.
  3. The simplest but no less effective: next to the icon within the application that graphically shows the charge status put the number of the percent charge remaining.


The estimate of the remaining battery charge is unreliable ( Pro version NiMh batteries). I have had the device freeze due to lack of charge well before I got the report that 20% of the remaining charge had been reached. This is probably because there is no relationship between remaining charge and voltage.


+1, because all kinds of customization makes sense to me.

However, you state that “there is no relationship between remaining charge and voltage.”

Voltage is a clear indicator of remaining charge with NiMH and most, if not all other battery chemistries. However, the useful voltage range is different for each battery chemistry. Did you choose the right battery type in the Nuki app?

As far as I know, the relationship between residual charge and voltage is only really reliable in lithium batteries.

Yes I did choose the right one.