Missing documentation for Nuki Opener

I’m trying to setup a Nuki Opener but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation. The box doesn’t contain a manual, the help pages keep referring to the guided process in the Nuki app. When I pair the Opener in the Nuki iOS app (version 2.4.1), it doesn’t give me any options or guided information. It just pairs the device and that’s it.

So where can I find information about the Nuki Opener, it’s modes of operations, it’s wiring information etc?

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The initial setup process has a guided tour. If you missed it you can go to Settings > Administration > Configure Opener and run through the configuration again.

This document also contains the basic wiring informations:

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I can’t seem to find any explanation on the forum, API documentation or help pages about difference in the operating modes and states of the Opener.

What’s the difference between:

  • Ring to Open
  • Electric Strike Actuation
  • Continuous Mode

This is all I see:

Continuous Mode -> Nuki Opener Mode with Ring to Open continuously
Ring to Open -> Nuki Opener State in which ringing the bell activates the
electric strike actuation

Then under lock actions I can find:

activate rto
deactivate rto
electric strike actuation
activate continuous mode
deactivate continuous mode

If rto controls electric strike, why it is a separate action?

Been researching this but can’t get any clear answers, some clarification would be appreciated:

  • It sounds like RTO mode when activated, it opens the door when the bell is rung but only if the presence of the phone is detected (via bluetooth or GPS location?)
  • CM is RTO but always active irrespective of whether the phone is close or not
  • Electric strike looks like an API command to open the door

Is that understanding correct?

If so, then a few clarifications:

  • The API allows for RTO and CM to be activated and deactivated. The mode only allows for 2 mode states, 2 for Door (assuming this means RTO) and 3 for CM, what happens both are deactivated?
  • When in CM mode how does the timed feature work? Does it activate and deactivate the CM mode at the start/end time?

This is correct.

You mixed it up a bit here.

There are two ways to activate Ring to Open:

  1. Via direct command (App, Button in the Opener, API, etc.)
  2. Via geofence event (our “Auto Unlock” feature adopted for the Opener)

A Ring to Open is always time restricted (Default: 20 minutes) and can also be restricted to “one time use” as an option.

The Continuous Mode is more or less a “Continuous Mode for Ring to Open” meaning that it has the same functionality but without a defined ending (so it won’t stop, till you deactivate it).

The “Door mode (2)” is the default state for an activated and calibrated device (Smart Lock or Opener).
The additonal “Continuous mode (3)” was added for the Opener as a “Special Door Mode” to be able to have Ring to Open and Continuous Mode running at the same time. Why? Because else it would be very complex to e.g. handle an Auto Unlock event during Continuous Mode running while preserving the correct settings.

The device always has to have a state. If you deactivate Continuous Mode it will go back to Door Mode.

As you have to explicitly end the Continuous Mode again, this can also be done by scheduled events and via the APIs, yes.

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