Minimalize hacker attack


What settings should I use to minimise hacker attacks? What are the weaknesses of the programme? Web administration interface? Can a rooted phone decrypt a stored password (mine is not rooted)? By hacking Wifi DNS or by modifying the network? What are the most optimal settings to minimise risk?

Here are a few general things about this topic: How secure are smart locks? - Nuki

Thank you! Based on this, I think the system is unhackable. If I understand correctly, the program and the lock are unlocked by different calculations. It does not store data and is fully GDPR compliant. Sounds good.

How physically vulnerable is it? By installing a capacitor or an extra module? My Nuki 3.0 pro device drains very quickly, I immediately thought the worst. But I don’t think an extra electronic consumer was added, would there be any sign of that? Would the system detect it?

Many of your questions are answered in the Nuki help and FAQ sections. Please look them up over there before posting here. This forum is a developer & beta tester forum and focused on developer related topics.