Mediola Integration

To use the Nuki Smart Lock with Mediola, you will need the Media AIO Gateway V5 with NEO CREATOR. It supports 433 Mhz, 868 Mhz, infrared and WLAN. If you want to connect your Nuki Smart Lock via Mediola to Z-Wave and EnOcean devices, you will need the Plus version of the gateway and the Neo plug-in for the Nuki Bridge.

Coupling your Mediola AIO Gateway V5 is done via the Bridge HTTP API. You will need the following parameters for setup:

  • IP adress of your Bridge
  • Your Bridge token

In the Nuki app, you can search for your Bridge from the menu item “Manage Bridge”. By clicking on the Bridge icon, activating the API quick connection and the HTTP API, you will get the required parameters for integration.

Then open the device manager of your AIO Gateway V5 and click on “New Gateway” from the Gateways tab. Here you’ll have to assign a name to your Nuki Bridge and select “Nuki Bridge” under Type. Then enter and save the IP address and token.

Discussions on the Integration (in German):