Matterhub down=Nuki offline?!

Hi together, I have just seen, that as soon as my matter hub becomes offline (like pulling the power of my homepod), my nuki does not switch to wifi connection automatically like I would expect but remains offline until the matter hub is online again.
What I have also seen is, that the MQTT is not responding anymore too in that time. Meaning, as soon as the matter hub is down/off/frozen, the lock can‘t be accessed other than bluetooth.

Mqtt runs via Wifi I assume, so a connection to my router must be there, not sure how my homepod connects to Nuki lock, I think directly via Thread?

The point I am trying to make is redundancy and reliablility. I don‘t want to trust a single matter hub if then other stuff like mqtt is affected from it too. I‘d rather prefer then the wifi connection over Matter.
I might give it a try how it behaves with Home Assistant as second Matter hub. Edit: would not make sense as HA needs a Thread Border Router which is again my homepod.

To round it up, is this a normal/wanted behaviour or do I have some Settings ?

This describes the current connection management logic:

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Thank you for that Info!
While I understand this and I‘ll most likely will disable thread (battery lifetime is no issue for me here), I still wonder how the MQTT connection works.
I enter the mqtt server (ipv4) to nuki lock, which let me assume, mqtt runs via wifi. But when thread replaces wifi, wifi must be on still for mqtt. Leading me to the question why it can‘t use this existing connection as backup for thread?

Edit: or is it doing the mqtt via the thread router as well? :thinking:

If the Thread router supports NAT64 and if remote access via Thread is enabled in the Smart Locks settings, it uses Thread for any IP communication (i.e. the Nuki server and MQTT). If you disable remote access via Thread and enable WiFi, WiFi will be used for Nuki server & MQTT and Thread only for Matter.

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Thank you for clarifying!
Your last statement means(disabling remote via matter), that thread/matter runs alongside to wifi/mqtt? So both is activated?


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