Matter Nuki 4 pro and Amazon Echo 4

after the Amazon Echo 4 can now function as a Matter hub, I tried to connect my Nuki 4 Pro via Matter. Unfortunately, in the Nuki App, when setting up Matter, I cannot select the Alexa App. However, after enabling Matter there and then opening the Alexa App, a compatible lock is displayed. In the Alexa App, I completed the setup process, but unfortunately, I receive an error message at the end: “Something went wrong.”
The Nuki App now shows that my lock is connected via Matter, but it is not available in the Alexa App.
Why is this not working?


Apologies for the late response.
At the time of launching our Matter Smart Locks, we mentioned that the support for Alexa Matter integration is coming soon. Unfortunately, Alexa app doesn’t support the Matter integration yet, but supports the cloud integration.

We are closely working with Alexa to provide the Matter support, and this is expected to come in a few weeks, though we cannot comment on the exact timeline. Thanks.

Are there any updates about the Alexa support? I only find the information “coming soon”. But now I’ve been waiting over 5 months.


The delay is due to the wait for the public release of the fix from Alexa.
We are actively working with our Amazon partner on getting this support at the earliest.

Is there any timeline available (1 month, 2 months)?

Unfortunately we cannot comment on the timeline, but be rest assured that we are actively working on getting this support at the earliest. Thanks.

Any update for us about Amazon Alexa Matter integration?
I saw in a Facebook group where Alexa is listed under matter.

Is it now available?


Yes Alexa is now fully supported both on cloud as well as Matter.