Matter and Nest Hub

Hello, I’ve purchased a Nuki Smart Lock 4 (not Pro). I’ve managed to connect it via Matter to the Nest Hub v2.

From the Google Home app, I can see the Nuki and even lock it, but I can’t unlock it; the response is that the action is not allowed. It doesn’t even ask for a PIN.

Alternatively, I also have it connected to Home Assistant with an ESP32 through Nest Hub. From Home Assistant, it allows me to share to Google Home and prompts for a PIN to unlock, working as expected.


Google Home does currently not support unlocking a door via the Matter integration. This is for security reasons- a burglar won’t be able to yell at Google through the window to get the door unlocked. Google plans to introduce unlocking with the Google Home App, within the first months of 2024.

In the interim, we highly recommend utilizing the Nuki App or Nuki Web integration for Google Assistant for seamless door unlocking.

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Any news on this topic? Or does the Nuki 4 Doorlock still not work with Google Home via Matter?

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Hi there, is there any progress on this topic yet?

Yes. Locking & unlocking should work through the Google Home App.

Via voice command and the touch screen of a Google Hub only the lock command is supported at the moment.

Is there any chance this will ever work? I bought all these smart things and it now lie idle in a drawer as typing PIN code to G Hub each time is annoying :frowning:

You need to ask Google. It’s their ecosystem.