Matter and HomeAssistant

Hi, i have been able to connect a Nuki V4 (no pro) to HomeAssistant using matter and google nest hubs border routers. But there are only 2 options:

  • lock: works ok, it locks the door.
  • unlock: unlatch the door… no pin required…

Real unlock the door is missing.

It works very fast and response is instant, so it is pretty promising.


Same problem… unlock door is not possible…

That’s announced for early 2024.


Update : Nuki website now says “firmware update planned for the first half of 2024”, where previously it said early 2024. So I guess don’t expect it in Q1 yet :frowning:
Nuki has championed the inclusion of this feature into Matter 1.2 which is out since Oct 2023 ( .
I wonder why the slow implementation.


Hope Nuki will upgrade the firmware soon, it is not usable while unblock = unlatch in my case.