Manually activate auto-Unlock feature

Product name

Nuki SmartLock (all versions)


Manually activate auto-Unlock via app


Include an option to manually activate the Auto-Unlock feature via the app for the case it was not activated automatically (because you did not leave geofence or malfunction of the feature), so a possibility to start the timer for beaconing and automatic door opening


There are situations in which it would be very helpful to have the door opened automatically but auto-Unlock is not active.


You want to unload your car but it is parked within the geofence, so you‘ll probably come back to the door with both hands full but the door would never open. With this option you could activate auto-Unlock right before loading your hands and then enjoy automatic door opening when heading back.

I agree. This would also be helpful when going out with the dog where you not always leave the home zone.
I know it is a user device function so it might not be easy to achieve.

On the other hand, a users device could use the Nuki lock and/or bridge as a BT beacon and trigger the leave function on the user device as the beacon is out of range. This might not work for everyone with bigger houses but for a lot of people, especially as V2 has higher range with BT 5.0.