Manual unlock using knob problem

I have the Nuki lock 2 and it has been working great but recently I have to switch off the locking via the button on the lock itself due to my 2 1/2 yer son being able to unlock the door and going outside on the street on his own because he learned double click to unlock :cry:
since double click or single click is disable and cannot use anymore, we have to use the manual knob to unlock the door since not always we have the phone handy, and this is where we are facing the problem. the door knob is hard and cannot be turned easily and we are forced to find our phone to just open the door even-thought we should be able to use the door knob to unlock.

I dig through the setting on the app but I cannot find anywhere to change this behavior.

appreciate any help on this as I am afraid to damage my lock.

The knob should not be harder to turn than the key. If it is much harder (and feels like turning some gears and a motor) you have a problem with the clutch inside the Smart Lock. Please contact customer support for help with your problem.

this is exactly how it feels, turning against the motor.

how do I contact support?

Thanks. I have submitted a ticket via email. hope to hear soon from the support team.

Have the same problem — cannot rotate the lock manually. Suddenly started to happen yesterday