Manage all devices from the Nuki App

Product name

Smart Lock 2.0, Bridge, Opener and Keypad


Currently it is not possible to see all devices in a simple to manage fashion within the app.


It is very confusing to understand how it all works. When I open the app for the first time, I should be prompted to create an account, once I have created an account any device I add should be linked to that account. Currently the devices added are linked to the phone or device you set them up on, this means that if someone set up the Opener on their phone and someone else sets up the Smart Lock on another phone you first need to invite that other person to be able to see the device, this is a terrible design.

There needs to be a concept of a logical network amongst these devices. There is a ‘hint’ of this under “Connection Status” where you can see how each of the devices are linked, but I should be able to tap on Bridge, manage the bridge, tap on Opener manage the opener… tap on the Smart Lock and manage that. I shouldn’t have to go and try to find these sprinkled throughout the app.

Also for some reason, I only seem to be able to manage the Bridge in bluetooth range… this defeats the purpose of the bridge.

Lastly - why can’t I update the firmware on the Opener via the web when I have the bridge connected, why do I need to be within Bluetooth range?

When I open my Nest App, I see all my cameras, I can managed each individual device and these are all tied to my email address (account)


Because it makes it hard and impossible to manage the devices, add devices and make it easy for people to use.


We just installed 6 Nuki devices in our new house. I set up the Opener and Bridge using my phone and account, the remaining devices were set up by a 3rd party technician with his phone. I now do not have access to any of the other devices until he shares access with me. In addition, because it is not account based, I have absolutely no way to remove his access from our Nuki devices, this means that until he uninstalls the app he has access to our house, front gate and everything. This is a huge security issue.