Make Nuki Fob a BTLE beacon

Product name

Nuki Fob


It would be extremely neat to have Nuki Fob broadcasting a bluetooth beacon ID. It would allow presence detection (come+leave) for everyones personal keychain and work way better than just geofencing alone.


The Nuki Fob Beacon option can be used by the Nuki bridge to detect presence status for residents of the home. It would also allow users without smartphone to use the auto-unlock feature.
Users shall be free to decide whether they want the beacon to be detectable by 3rd party products or not (e.g. other smart home systems could monitor for the beacon ID to be around or not).
The presence status of every residential user shall also be exposed by the bridge via local API in order to allow home automation systems to work with it. I believe the bridge already implemented webhook registration so that those systems can take immediate actions when leaving/coming home.
This feature shall also consider co-existance with geofencing enabled in the Nuki app on the users smartphone.
Besides using Nuki Fob as a beacon, people shall also be able to register 3rd party beacon IDs for their Nuki user account. Ideally the bridge would scan for available beacons and offer them to be assigned. This will also ensure that the ID can only be assigned with a physical device being present.


Reliable presence status for residents, enhanced auto-unlock feature and improved integration within home automation systems.
Consistent presence registration is essential not only for Nuki but for every other smart home device component and smart home systems/hubs in particular. Because of it, a lot of people do still carry a bluetooth beacon with them so the keyless experience is not as real as marketing would tell us… however, having a Nuki Fob would be great as it would combine a beacon with a key to open the door.


Nuki knows exactly who’s at home and who’s not. When I leave home it would immediately detect this as the Nuki Fob will be out of range of the Nuki Bridge. It will be able to run automations based on that and even inform other smart home systems. Nuki can be the single point of truth when it comes to presence status tracking - just logical for a smart lock.