Make auto unlock distance adjustable

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


Only unlock when being close to the smart lock.


Optionally trigger auto unlock after the Bluetooth signal strength is above an adjustable threshold and not only on “Smart Lock found”.


The range of the Bluetooth connection is to good for my home.
I live in a multi-tenant house. Using auto unlock, the door opens already, when I’m on the street at the front door, which is too early. This feature would allow to only open the door once I reach the second floor, where I live.


  • Open door only when I’m close to the lock, not when the Bluetooth connection is established.
  • Do not open the door while I’m parking my bike in front of the house.
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This seems to be a duplicate of Nuki 2.0: Signal strength based “nearby fence” (My "Issue" with Auto Unlock) (which is already public for our Android App and in Beta for iOS).

The settings for Android can be found at Smart Actions / Auto Unlock settings / Expert settings / Auto Unlock Speed.

That’s great news. So I just have to wait for the next iOS release.


What is the current status on the IOS app update??

Are there already updates to the iOS App? I live in an apartment building on the ground floor. With Auto-Unlock, my door already opens when I pass my apartment on the street.

Unfortunately I can’t find anything in the settings.

Greetings Maxi

I would also be interested in an update regarding the IOS release of the feature… in its current state, Auto Unlock is not usable for me since the door unlatches and hence swings open too early (i.e. when arriving at my parking space in front of the appartmemt building)


Hi, does anyone have any new information? I’m also waiting for a feature at Apple - Auto Unlock Speed

HI, any news here ?

Seems like it was on Beta but I can’t find the settings (Closed Alpha Test for restricted Bluetooth radius - #28 by robinalexandre)

It was in alpha, but does not work while the Nuki App is running in the background (which is always the case with auto-unlock) because of iOS restrictions for background Apps. Therefore it has never been officially launched.

Thank you for the answer.

Can we at least put a delay before opening the door ?
Or could you add an option which would check if you are connected to a selected wifi network before opening ?

Thanks again

Both things are problematic given the restrictions Apps face under iOS.

You can go and try the existing alpha implementation: By tapping 7x on the text on the Auto-Unlock expert settings screen an RSSI chooser appears. Choosing an RSSI will trigger the AU only if the RSSI is higher than the selected value. As said before you might have to wake up the phone (or app) for it to work.