Loxone integration

Guide to integrate the Nuki Brigde and the Nuki Android Bridge into loxone (in German):



Hi Stephan
hw are you
Please can you help in concern to Nuki

The Nuki is opening the lock but not fully that the door is opening completly on it’s own.


can i chnage that in the code above?

Just for your info
I use Loxone

Does your latch have to be pulled to completely open the door?

Then you would have to replace the lock action 1 (unlock) with 3 (unlatch) (see https://developer.nuki.io/page/nuki-bridge-http-api-190/4/#heading--lock-actions)

This will also pull the latch which is needed to open the door if you got a knob or bar on the outside e.g.
(As default unlock seems to be implemented in Loxone - most likely for security reasons)


You can integrate Nuki smart lock with a Loxone or KNX home and gain more control over who’s at the door.

Here’s how: https://www.1home.io/blog/nuki-smart-lock-knx/


Have you been able to integrate Loxone with nuki?

I’m beggining the project and wanted more information.

The new URL is:


There are also predefined templates avaible nowadays in the Loxone Library: