Low battery warning as an iOS message

Product name

Nuki iOS App


Low battery warnings are only shown within the app on the top right bell symbol. To see this warning, you need to open the app what I hardly ever do since I’m using the Auto Unlock and ring-to-Open features.
To make sure I am not missing the low battery warning, a standard iOS message should pop up to make sure I am not missing this extremely important warning. If I miss it, I’d find myself locked out as I totally rely on Nuki and don’t carry a key with me any longer.


A persistent iOS message that makes sure I am receiving the warning to replace batteries. This message should pop up not only once but at an increased frequency the lower the battery gets.


To make sure I am not locked out of my place with no battery left in the Opener or Lock and no means of opening the doors manually. So, for a mission critical reason.