Looking for State Values

in the HTTP API is no list of the State mode DoorSensor and ServerState
are they somewhere online ?


it did disconnect the bridge and also take out the batteries, but never got serverState to other then 0

Did you try a /sync command? The server does it all 24 hours, but you can manually trigger it to update the serverState (as the Bridge/Smart Lock can not push anything when they are offline so the server will only notice it on the next check).

I was on the website and did click in renew. I thought this will update this state.

What about update the manual for the values?

If you mean the “Try again” function in Nuki Web: Yes, this also triggers a /sync command.

If you mean, where you can exactly find the values for those variables.
That is at the Swagger instance of our Web API:

  • Check for the variable documentation you need


no at the Web.nuki.io “Jetzt Aktualisieren” thought that this will refresh this setting.

oh thank, i thought all documentation is avaible in the PDF file. there i miss this.
thanks never klick on the “Model” button.

Yes, this is what I meant.

Then it won’t work.
Nuki was offline. One time battery removed and one time bridge disconnected. But never set serverstate to other value then 0