Long press option for fob key press to prevent ghost actions

Product name

Nuki Key Fob (all variants, if possible)


The Nuki Fob currently provides three diffrent options (1/2/3 clicks). Please add an option to trigger the one press action only if it was a long press (e.g. >400ms). This would prevent a lot of cases where the 1 time button action is triggered while the fob is in a jacket or a bag with other keys/stuff.


  • Add an option in the fob config via app to require a long press for the 1 click button action
  • Adapt the fob firmware to provide this functionality
  • Only apply to the 1 press action, 2/3 press unaffected
  • Disable this by default (=keep current logic)
  • As the actions the fob reports to the lock stay the same (1/2/3 clicks), no other parts of the nuki ecosystem/api etc have to be adapted, it only affects fob firmware and app settings and is fully backwards compatible


My key fob is on a keyring with some other keys, most of the times in my jackets pocket. When I take the jacket on or off, sometimes the button gets briefly pressed by another key or something else in the pocket, which leads to the lock performing the 1 click action (locks the door when leaving/coming home, sometimes with the door still being open, causing the need to manually unlock again.
using only 2/3 click actions would be a downer for usability (I have 1 press for locking, 2 press for unlocking). The ideal option would be to only carry out the 1 press action, if the button was long pressed.


see features and reson above. I want to be able to

  • use 1 key fob press for locking, but with the option to require a long press to prevent undesired actions
  • use 2/3 key fob press for other actions as currently possible
  • configure the 1 press behaviour in the app when configuring the key fob

As this should only be a small addition in the fob firmware, I hope you consider it to increase usability of the fob

Thanks & BR

I‘ve got the same issue - to prevent that - I decided to use „No function“‘by the first click - that helps a little.