Locking rotation differs through Nuki Web API

Hi there,

I noticed that the locking rotation differs when using the API, vs the Nuki app.
The Nuki App uses the configured locking rotation and the API uses the full rotation.
Can you confirm this / change this / explain this?


Since last week i have noticed a few time that the Web API unlock command leads to full opening.

Hi! @kjbontenbal!

Which API endpoint/command do you use for the lock action?

POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/action/lock and POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/action/unlock use the same logic as the Nuki Apps (i.e. using the Smart Lock defaults from setup) while via
POST /smartlock/{smartlockId}/action you can send any possible lock action for the device (so e.g. sending an unlatch/unlock independently of the door handle setting).

EDIT: Also editet the topic title to “Nuki Web API” as based on your description you experienced this only with the API and not Nuki Web, correct?

Hi Stephan,

I use the second option with the configurable action.
I provide the lock action “action: [actionID]” and “option: 0”

In some cases the unlock also leads to open (turned to far). In other cases there is a lock prior to open (when open command was given). I have one person with that particular issue.

I have not noticed this behavior last year.
I was suspecting the ‘turn to far’ issue to be related to miscalibration or ‘motor block’ issues, but now that i hear that others experience it too, it might be something else.

This always sends an “unlock” command (no pulling the latch). A way to recheck this is also to check the activity log entry where it shows which lock action the device itself executed.

So yes, if the latch is pulled for an “unlock” command this is most likely a calibration issue.
In these cases you also often see the motor blockes issues if the lock is turning to far.

I am not sure I understood this correctly: So the lock turned in the wrong directly (locking instead of unlocking)?

The activity log matches the commands send.
I have seen the ‘turn to far’ even after calibration. Could this be due to battery level (although indicated as non-critical)?

And yes, when given the Open command, the lock first locked. I’ve send you a message through this forum for contact details so that i can send you a video.