Lock/unlock response misses who did that action

I’m not sure if it is a feature planned if so then forgive me but I do not get why from the Nuki Bridge API the response does not have a who made that action. Is it a feature planned? I could not find it with the search feature.

There is already this feature request for it

with some interest and discussion on why this is not trivial to implement.
Note that we can not publicly give information on our roadmap.

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As customer I’d like to be the judge if it’s trivial or not to implement. :pensive: . Seeying the number of votes I’m not the only one that still would like to see this feature.

I would like to propose the solution I’ve been using for the moment.

Once the door is unlocked, I retrieve the logs and pop the stack the first log which corresponds to the last action. The log contains who did that action.

It’s not the best but it works.

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Interesting, could you tell me the endpoint you are using for this. Just calling does not give me much meaningful information.

I do not use the bridge API but the Web API