Lock/unlock Apple Watch buttons

Couldn’t send this as a feedback request for some reason, so I’m posting it here.

Product name

Apple Watch app


The lock and unlock button could be unified into one single button that simply does the action that the Nuki needs (if locked it’ll unlock, if unlocked it’ll lock). So many times I hit the wrong button since they’re so close and I’m usually walking to the door while trying to open it with one finger and a moving hand. Also, what’s really really frustrating is that tapping the wrong button sends the wrong request and it’ll completely lock me from taking another action in the app - I’ll have to close the app in the Apple Watch, open it again, wait for it to load, hopefully tap the right button this time…


Merge the lock and unlock buttons into one single smart button.


It’s too easy to tap the wrong one. This behavior can simply be unified in one single button, instead of providing the user with a choice that offers no added value to the single straightforward button. Making a choice between two small and close buttons, that have such similar text, while I’m walking to the door with my hands moving, is unnecessarily hard. One button that takes up the whole screen is easy to tap and the lock will just do what I expect it to: lock if it’s not locked, unlock if it’s locked. Easy peasy.


  • when I’m coming home with things in my hand making it harder to tap the button I need.
  • when coming back home in the dark and I’m blinded by the light from the watch, making it hard to see the buttons.
  • when I’m tired and just need to open the door without thinking about what I’m tapping.

This has several disadvantages that you need to be aware off:

  1. The watch needs to know the current state of the lock if the “smart button” should be properly named. Fetching it will take time. Most likely too much time …
  2. If you have a lock with a latch at the outside you might want to “unlatch” an unlocked door. A Smart button would in this case lock the door, which is not what you want. Unlocking it afterwards again takes time …

What you really might want is just one big unlock/unlatch button (and propably a much smaller lock button somewhere). If so, please create a new feature request for this. You should now be able to do this (you need to have done at least one posting before).

I guess the question is what logic the Fob uses and why this couldn’t be mapped to the watch since the Fob also only just has one button.

The Fob sends events to the Smart Lock (e.g. “Button pressed 1x”) and the user decides via the Smart Lock settings what should happen with a 1x button press. The standard configuration is to have “intelligent” on 1x button press and unlatch on 2x, which means that someone who wants to unlatch just makes a double click and there door will always open (regardless of the state). You can’t simply match that to the watch App which has a display and shows the state of the lock. This is why there is the existing logic with named buttons.

ok, got it.

I created an ios shortcut to unlock my door and linked that shortcut to the new action button on the apple watch ultra! That works very well!