Lock Shortcut improvement (lock vs. favorites vs. overview)

Product name

Nuki app


When you create a shortcut for your lock, it should just open that lock or be configurable if you want it to open either the lock only, the favorites (including the lock) or the complete overview.


When I use a shortcut which is generated for my lock, this will always open the overview of the app. When you have multiple locks, this can be confusing especially as I have set up favorites but the shortcut never opened the favorites. So I first though favorites would not be working for me.
It would be good if such a shortcut created for a single lock would show only that one lock is was created for. Most flexibility would be that when you create the shortcut you could decide if that shortcut opens the lock only (new view, new behavior), opens the favorites (existing view but new behavior to open it) or the overview (like todays behavior).


Confusing shortcut feature.
Improved user experience.


Create a shortcut for my personal lock, manage others from the favorites or overview menu.
Or create multiple shortcuts which I organize in folder on my smartphone.

This should already work as explained by you and open the App with bottom view (= like clicking on the selected lock). Are you using iOS or Android?

I’m on Android. Clicking the shortcut opens the app always in Overview (although the lock is in favorites and that is the default view when starting normally) and the bottom view with the actions for the lock is open.

The suggestion should make a “one lock only view” or “favorites” the view to use instead of overview - or even configurable.
The current behavior is so confusing I even opened a ticket (86101) for it :wink:

FWIW, I was and still am also confused by this. I tap the shortcut, the Nuki app opens with the Home or Favorites view (so showing multiple locks in my case) and it takes just long enough for the bottom sheet to slide in to make me think I need to tap the lock again.

Having a “single lock view” or a way to immediately open the bottom sheet would make my life much simpler.