Lock n' go <x> seconds after door is closed

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Nuki lock 3.0 pro


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Lock n’ go seconds after door is closed


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Lock n’ go seconds after door is closed.

Currently that can be configured immediately after door is closed if there’s a door sensor, or x seconds after selecting lock n’ go if there isn’t one.


Why is this feature needed?

When leaving the house with kids, they many many times foeget something. That causes us to perform several lock n go - unlock - lock n go - operations, which waste a lot of battery. Having the option to not immediately lock the door will ease that and improve the battery performance.

Same for auto lock: support the option to configure number of seconds/ mintues that the door should be closed before it is locked, for cases of several people entering the house not exactly together.


How would you like to use this feature?

Setting in the app: number of seconds/minutes in which the door should be closed before performing lock n go and auto lock.

Auto-Lock (with Door Sensor) already works like this.

Lock’n’go works differently, because in the case of leaving the building most people wanted to be sure that the door is always locked and therefore preferred that the Smart Lock quickly locks the door (immediately when it is closed) in order to hear the motor turning as confirmation that the door is really locked.

You might simply use Auto-Lock which does what you want. (P.S.: A Keypad is also a convenient solution to quickly lock the door with one button press when you’re outside.)