Lock 'n Go/IFTTT

Initiating lock 'n go manually by double-pressing the lock button can fire an IFTTT applet using the trigger “Leave Home” - which is useful for automating things like turning the heating off when you go out - but there is no equivalent if lock 'n go is initiated via Nuki Web. If you are using Home Assistant or even the Nuki Android app, the only trigger available is “Door Locked” - and you could be on either side of it!

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

So… answering part of my own question… If you are using Home Assistant you can write a script to initiate lock 'n go, then send one or more webhook triggers to IFTTT to do other stuff like turning the heating off. Not enough of a developer to figure out how to do it with the Nuki app, though.

Incidentally, isn’t this kind of thing a bit of a security flaw? Lock 'n go unlocks the door before it locks it again - anything which can initiate it remotely is surely bad news?

The IFTTT trigger fires when “somebody leaves the house with Lock’n’Go” (and implies that it is done with the button).

When Lock’n’Go is started through the command (esp. the App) it is usually not because somebody wants to leave the house, but because he comes home and has auto-unlock with the option to “lock the door after the unlock” enabled. The command does also behave differently in this scenario: With the button the latch is never pulled, even when “Knob on the outside” is configured, while when triggering it with the App/Nuki Web the latch is pulled in this case.

If i understand you correct, you want to trigger Lock’n’Go from HomeAssistant, wait until it is completed and start other things based on the complete event afterwards? As Lock’n’Go always completes within 60s at the latest, you can just start everything else with 60s delay. This wouldn’t make any difference.

Makes sense. Didn’t realise the two actions were that different - thanks for explaining the thinking behind it.